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Second edition, 2007

The new edition of this best-selling insight into terrorism today has been fully updated and revised to include what the author terms the new ‘militant Moslem international.’ 

Drawing directly on the words and ideas of terrorists themselves, this book is an examination of patterns, current trends and future threats in terrorism worldwide. It explores the ideology and psychology, the politics and policies, the strategies and operations of many active small groups and major insurgencies. The terrorist leader emerges as a calculating, innovated and often well-educated person whose use of violence against the innocent is calibrated for maximum effects. The closing chapter is a stimulating discussion of the problems of counter-terrorism, making several key recommendations.

Terrorism Today is essential reading for students of terrorism, counter-insurgency, and international security.

 “. . . a masterly survey of the big picture of world violence. . . provides many useful strategy recommendations which Western governments would do well to study. It also provides an up-to-date glossary of operational terrorist groups.” 

Ronald Payne, Times Literary Supplement, London,
Commenting on the first edition 

The Second Edition — with new chapters and updated text — was listed among the “Top 50 Books on Terrorism and Counterterrorism” by Dr. Joshua Sinai in the journal Perspectives on Terrorism (August, 2008 issue).

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