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The Imperative of American Leadership: A Challenge to Neo-Isolationism

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In The Imperative Of American Leadership: A Challenge To Neo-Isolationism, Joshua Muravchik, a leading foreign policy expert, warns that the post-cold war period resembles the conditions following World War I, when Americans perceived no apparent threat and retreated into isolationism that paved the way to a Hitlerian Armageddon. The Imperative Of American Leadership will shake Americans from the lethargy and its terrifying consequences as makes a compelling argument for an active, interventionist American post-cold war policy. The Imperative Of American Leadership offers the general reader (conservative or liberal, hawk or dove) a post-cold war foreign policy in pursuit of American security and world peace. Muravchik tells us where our current policies are taking us; where an active, interventionist foreign policy could take us; and why the latter is in our best interest. The Imperative Of American Leadership is highly recommended reading for anyone with an interest in American foreign policy development and implementation.