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With New START now being implemented with Russia, it has become fashionable to push for even far deeper cuts, perhaps as low as several warheads on each side. Such low numbers, though, approach what other nuclear weapons states, such as France, China, Israel, India, and Pakistan, either have or plan to get. 

How compatible are deeper U.S.-Russian reductions with the nuclear activities and plans of other states? How does Russia view the nuclear and conventional military modernization activities of China? How might the continuing military competition between Pakistan and India play out? What are the strategic nuclear dynamics between the DPRK, South Korea, Japan, and China with both their current and planned military and civilian nuclear activities? Are military nuclear competitions in the Middle East using civilian nuclear programs as covers inevitable? What beyond our current arms control and nonproliferation efforts might help address these threats?

The Next Arms Race, which is the result of a three-year project, showcases 15 research papers that tackle these questions directly. 

Please click here for a pdf of this book.