The first in the IWP course reader series, The Public Diplomacy Reader provides a look at slices of public diplomacy: the art of communicating with foreign publics to influence international perceptions, attitudes and policies. Like any art form, the real definition of public diplomacy is subjective, and can be the source of lively and often bitter debates.  

Rather than attempt to create a specific definition of public diplomacy, this edited volume takes some of the most insightful and historically significant writings, statements and official documents, from a variety of professional disciplines and political perspectives, so the reader can develop his or her own sense of what the field is all about.

This book makes no pretensions about completeness. The editor found it challenging to keep it under 500 pages of actual text. Here is how The Public Diplomacy Reader is designed to serve the user: To provide in a single volume a useful primer on public diplomacy, straight from some of the leading thinkers and practitioners across time and culture.

Praise for The Public Diplomacy Reader

"The Public Diplomacy Reader, a unique and outstanding compilation of materials on public diplomacy going back as far as the ancient Greeks and colonial America, will be of great value to all seeking an understanding of the history of this neglected discipline and its potential role today."

– Carnes Lord, Professor of Strategy, U.S. Naval War College; author, Losing Hearts and Minds? Public Diplomacy and Strategic Influence in the Age of Terror (Praeger, 2006). "J. Michael Waller is one of the outstanding theoreticians and practitioners of public diplomacy. His wide ranging Public Diplomacy Reader brings the wealth of experience and knowledge upon which he has drawn in his distinguished career to bear for an in-depth study of this craft.  It is indispensable for both students and anyone wishing to win 'the war of ideas.'"    – Robert Reilly, former Director, Voice of America