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Every communist party had both an official face, which it chose to display to the general public, and a secret one, visible only to the narrow group of communist initiates. Such was also the case of the so-called Polish Workers’ Party (PPR). Created by Stalin following the Nazi invasion of the Soviet Union to serve as Moscow’s communist agentura in Poland, this party – along with its armed branches, the People’s Guard and the People’s Army – camouflaged itself as merely another Polish movement striving for national liberation from the German yoke.

This three-volume collection of secret communist documents, compiled and edited by Dr. Chodakiewicz, along with historians Piotr Gontarczyk and Leszek Żebrowski, sheds light on the modus operandi of Stalin’s underground in Poland. After all, this operation would be repeated by the communists during the subsequent decades throughout the world. This work may also be useful to readers interested in insurgencies waged by radical forces in general.

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Marek Jan Chodakiewicz, Piotr Gontarczyk, and Leszek Żebrowski, eds., Tajne oblicze GL-AL PPR. Dokumenty (The Secret Face of the Peole’s Guard-People’s Army of the Polish Workers’ Party), 3 vols. (Warsaw: Burchard Edition, 1997-1999).