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The Strategic Plan that Won the Cold War

The most authoritative report yet published about President Reagan’s strategy to accelerate the demise of the Soviet Union, this monograph focuses on National Security Decision Directive 75, prepared in early 1983, to run economic warfare against the USSR. The author served as senior director of national security planning and international economic affairs on the National Security Council, and special assistant to the president for national security affairs.

Subtitle: National Security Decision Directive 75
Publisher: Potomac Foundation
Date: 1999
Page Count: 83

“President Reagan’s strategy to accelerate the demise of the Soviet Union consisted of five pillars: economic, political, military, ideological, and moral. While the penetrating truths of the president’s message to the Soviet leadership and the American people had historic consequences evident to most analysts and historians, the economic dimension of the strategy is less well understood.

“Put simply, the president did not believe the legions of ‘experts,’ both inside and outside the government, who asserted that the Soviet Union was an invincible and immutable juggernaut on the geopolitical landscape.

“In this monograph Dr. Norman Bailey takes a commendable step in correcting the sometimes murky writings relating to the Soviet Empire’s defeat. . . .

“With greater scholarship and more liberal declassification, history will reveal this national security staff of 120 dedicated men and women – assembled from our intelligence services, diplomatic corps, military, academia, and private life – was highly effective in serving President Reagan. . . . The record will one day show that – in a relatively short period – a brilliant but selfless NSC staff played a vital part in bringing about the end of the Cold War.”

– From the Foreword by former National Security Advisor William P. Clark

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