Foreword by R. James Woolsey. Introduction by Victor Davis Hanson.

America has been at war for years, but until now, it has not been clear with whom or precisely for what. And we have not been using the full resources we need to win.

With the publication of War Footing, lead-authored by Frank Gaffney with chapters on political warfare and hemispheric security by IWP Annenberg Professor J. Michael Waller, it not only becomes clear who the enemy is and how high the stakes are, but also exactly how we can prevail.

War Footing shows that we are engaged in nothing less than a War for the Free World. This is a fight to the death with Islamist extremists driven by a totalitarian political ideology that, like Nazism or Communism before it, is determined to destroy freedom and the people who love it. Adversaries and likely future enemies include the People’s Republic of China and militant dictatorships in Latin America.

Gaffney and his colleagues offer ten specific steps that Americans, as individuals and as communities, can take to ensure their way of life and safety and the future well-being of their children and grandchildren. These steps include detailed recommendations about how to:

  • Know the enemy

  • Really support U.S. troops

  • Provide for the country’s energy security

  • Stop investing in terror

  • Equip the country for war at home

  • Counter the mega-threat: an EMP attack

  • Secure U.S. borders and the interior against illegal immigration

  • Wage political warfare

  • Launch regional initiatives

  • Wield effective diplomacy

This book is a highly readable and definitive owner’s manual for the War for the Free World. Whether we like it or not, every American owns a stake in its outcome. War Footing tells us how we can make sure it comes out right. (Summary from To order a copy of the book, click here.)

Among those who contributed brilliant analyses and commonsense recommendations to War Footing are: R. James Woolsey, Victor Davis Hanson, General Tom McInerney, General Paul Vallely, Alex Alexiev, Andrew McCarthy, Claudia Rosett, Michael Rubin, Daniel Goure, Caroline Glick, and J. Michael Waller. Their inputs – and those of twenty other contributors – help make this strategy for winning the War for the Free World as readable as it is needed

“This is the book the enemy doesn’t want you to read…. We ARE in a war for our survival. War Footing is a blueprint to not just survive this threat, but vanquish it.” – Monica Crowley, MSNBC