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“Will Democrats Control the Former KGB?”

Edited by Uri Ra’anan and his colleagues, this is the first academic book that questioned the sunny prognosis for democracy in post-Soviet Russia, and to predict the country’s return to authoritarianism. Waller wrote the chapter on the KGB. Other authors include Yelena Bonner.
Subtitle: Russian Pluralism: Now Irreversible?
Publisher: Palgrave Macmillan
Date: 1993
Page Count: 0
Russian Pluralism: Now Irreversible?|

The author’s chapter on the Russian state security services is the first in a scholarly book to take note of the conditions that ensured the primacy of the KGB and its re-named successor components in a post-Soviet political system. The chapter appears in a larger work edited by Uri Ra’anan, Keith Armes and Kate Martin.