These pieces are produced by members of the IWP community, conveying perspectives on foreign policy, national security, intelligence, and other related issues. Please note that the views expressed by our faculty, research fellows, students, alumni, and guest lecturers do not necessarily reflect the views of The Institute of World Politics.

Institute Event: Experts Identify Anti-Terror Problems & Solutions

The United States is capable of surmounting its formidable difficulties in anticipating and preventing terrorist attacks. That was the general conclusion at The Institute of World Politics’ conference on “Warning, Counterintelligence and Intelligence for Counterterrorism,” the second William J. Casey Conference on Intelligence Requirements for the 21st Century.

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Peace and Security: The Highest Policy Priorities

If the proposition is true that society depends on peace and security, then it follows that learning, analysis, advocacy and debate on matters of this vital field ought to be priorities of all citizens, corporations, and foundations concerned about the future of our country.

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For the New Europe, the Silent Treatment

The next time the United States needs the “new Europe,” we may find it has grown old. This is the likely result of a plan by the Office of Management and Budget to abolish broadcasting by Radio Free Europe and Voice of America in the languages of Central and Eastern Europe.

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