Flags of China and India

The Détente of the Dragon and Tiger

This paper was written by Kyle Kessler for IWP 634: Geography and Strategy. Kyle, a Silicon Valley native and expected M.A. in Strategic Intelligence Studies 2022, is interested in the intersection of technological development and national security. There are roughly 7.8 billion people in the world, over a quarter of whom are in two neighboring countries,…

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Soviet troops withdrawing from Afghanistan in 1986

Mass Murder in Afghanistan: 40 Years of Conflict

Above: Soviet troops withdrawing from Afghanistan in 1986. This paper was written by Meg Cramer for IWP 649: Mass Murder Prevention. Meg is a first-year student at IWP studying Strategic Intelligence. Her interest lies in Afghanistan, past and present. Forty years ago, the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan launched the country into violence that continues to…

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Middle East gains clarity

The Western-oriented alliance has largely improved its position in 2020; avoiding war with Iran will be the main challenge of 2021. Ever since the final collapse of the Ottoman Empire in World War I, the Middle East has become increasingly complex from the geopolitical standpoint, until very recently. It is still the playground of internal…

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We Must Resist Russian Occupation of Baltics

The Baltic countries are prosperous now and, ostensibly, safe as members of both the EU and NATO. Yet, they live with sordid memories of Soviet occupation, which lasted over 50 years. And the specter of a new Russian invasion never quite fades away. “What if” is a real consideration for the Balts and others in…

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IWP Library

Reading suggestions for winter break from IWP professors

In case you need your national security, intelligence, and international affairs reading fix during winter break, IWP faculty members have shared their suggestions. From Dr. Anne Bradley, Former Economic Analyst for the CIA’s Office of Terrorism Analysis Factfulness, Hans Rosling with Ola Rosling and Anna Rosling Ronnlund. Hans Rosling was a master at looking at…

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Why America Must Worry About Romania

Romania Mare, or Greater Romania, is a slogan of Romanian nationalists. That would be the union of the Republic of Romania and the Republic of Moldova. Both share a common Romanian language and border, but not recent history. Romania is in the EU and NATO, while Moldova is not. Read more at Newsmax

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Utopia vs. freedom

The Utopian Conceit and the War on Freedom By Julian Geran Pilon Reviewed by Marek Jan Chodakiewicz In The Utopian Conceit and the War on Freedom (Washington, D.C., and London: Academic Press, 2019), an intrepid defender of classical liberalism and my colleague, Juliana Geran Pilon, teaches us that the links between utopia and freedom are as…

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Overcome hatred and violence through education

The killing of George Floyd and other examples of police violence against African Americans ignited a political and cultural explosion in 2020. Although the U.S. has come far from the era of state-enforced discrimination and segregation, this year’s events remind us how much more we have to do. For Charleston, the wounds remain from the…

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Amplifying Next Generation Voices for Human Rights in the Global South

Bridging the digital divide and making the cyberspace accessible to young people everywhere is necessary to help them build a better future. As you read this article online, think about the number of devices at your disposal that are capable of accessing the internet. You may be reading this on a cellphone, tablet or desktop…

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