These pieces are produced by members of the IWP community, conveying perspectives on foreign policy, national security, intelligence, and other related issues. Please note that the views expressed by our faculty, research fellows, students, alumni, and guest lecturers do not necessarily reflect the views of The Institute of World Politics.

Whither NATO at 75? There Should Be Celebration

No major war has ravaged Europe since 1945 because of the United States, aka NATO. Yet, the defense pact’s 75th anniversary has passed without much fanfare. And there is quite a bit to celebrate. Although the European Union claims that national sovereignty must disappear to preserve peace, the EU has no army to defend the continent.…

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Coast of Navassa Island, photo by U.S. Geological Survey

Navassa: America’s Forgotten Caribbean Island

This paper was written by Nick Pietrowicz for Geography and Strategy (IWP 634) with Dr. Marek Jan Chodakiewicz. Mr. Pietrowicz is a Supervisory Special Agent with the State Department’s Diplomatic Security Service.  He has served overseas tours in Haiti, Afghanistan, Moldova, Chad, Angola, and Australia.  For the 2020 academic year, he is a State Department…

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Joe Biden should resist calls to soften the policy toward China

Despite many criticisms of the approach of Donald Trump toward China, the approach of Joe Biden looks a lot like it, and the new administration faces enormous pressure to back off. The pressure is ratcheting up from Beijing, even in a form of veiled threats. There will also be pressure from American companies, technology giants, and…

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iPhone with social media apps

Big Tech vs. the Intermarium

A shorter version of this article was posted by Newsmax.  Big Tech lords it over our lives, locking us out, shutting down our profiles, and impeding our virtual business or political operations at will.  The regular folks fight back by leaving; techies and alt-venture capitalists by setting up alternative media venues; and states, like Florida,…

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What’s Up with Navalny?

A shorter version of this article was published by Newsmax.  Russian opposition leader Andrei Navalny has become, arguably, the most recognizable domestic foe of the Kremlin’s Vladimir Putin. Following a botched assassination attempt in August 2020, Navalny’s story hit the news everywhere in the West. He was poisoned with the Novichok agent while returning on…

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EU COVID Blues: Between Neglect to Centralization

A shorter version of this article was published by Newsmax. Europe, including the Intemarium, has been hit hard by the second wave of COVID-19. Or is it a third wave? No one really knows. And no one knows truly how to manage the pandemic which has now claimed over half a million dead Europeans. So…

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America’s enemy is Iran, not National Guardsmen

The Biden inauguration proceeded peacefully, in spite of one House Democrat’s charge that three-quarters of America’s National Guardsmen “might want to do something” to interfere. Congress should focus on actual enemies of America, like Iran. Since the 2020 election, Tehran greeted Mr. Biden with muscle flexing, seeing a “golden opportunity” to confront America. Iran’s supreme leader, referring…

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Don’t bet on Biden reentering Iran deal

Assuming President Biden demonstrates the fortitude to hold off the extremists in his party, he is not a bad prospect, for the US, for the world, and for Israel. Trump is in Florida, his new state of residence, licking his largely self-inflicted wounds. Joe Biden of Delaware is president of the United States, or perhaps…

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