White Ruthenia and a Jewish Revolution

Andrew Sloin, The Jewish Revolution in Belorussia: Economy, Race, and Bolshevik Power (Bloomington and Indianapolis, IN: Indiana University Press, 2017) has given us an insightful monograph about the experiences of Jewish revolutionary activists who not only found themselves under Soviet power during the revolution and civil war but also who remained in the Soviet Union in…

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Dr. King’s principles an enduring remedy to rising violence

Our nation’s capital prepared for this election the way Florida prepares for a hurricane. Election day in the nation’s capital was marked by businesses across the city boarding up their buildings. Having suffered a spate of broken windows during earlier demonstrations, companies feared that dissatisfaction with the poll results might trigger a new round of…

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Vietnam War protestors

One Hundred Years Apart: Overstretch in World Politics, 1839-1939

Overstretch The word “overstretch” first came to prominence in 1987 when Professor Paul Kennedy (Yale) defined it as the cause of great power decline in his book, The Tragedy of Great Power Politics. The theme was applied later by Professor Walter McDougall (Pennsylvania) in The Tragedy of U.S. Foreign Policy (2016). It is no coincidence…

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Embassy of Cuba

Henderson’s Row: A Photo Exhibition

This photo exhibition, titled Henderson’s Row, is my hands-on practical project for The Institute of World Politics (IWP) class, The Art of Diplomacy. The class is about the Western tradition of diplomacy, and our Professor, Ambassador G. Phillip Hughes, gave the option of writing a term paper or doing a “hands-on” project. I opted for…

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To Lose a Country

The title is taken from the third volume of Alistair Horne’s trilogy on French-German relations (wars) between 1870 and 1940. France lost two and won the middle (1918), but, in the last (1940), France, in effect, lost itself, i.e. its “country.” What does the loss of “country” imply and does it occur every time a…

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American Flag

A Veterans Day Reflection

It has been a great honor and privilege to serve as the president of the Student Veterans Association (SVA) here at IWP. As our nation stands divided and uncertain, it makes me realize that instability is the state in which our men and women in uniform live every day. Although I have never had the…

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Catalyzing Consensus Around Global Commitments

An international consensus to meet contemporary challenges will develop primarily around defending against shared threats. If the United States is to turn this consensus into collaboration to strengthen security, it must stake out a clear vision of its primary threats and missions. As has become evident over the last few years, doing so will necessarily…

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American Radicals’ Filthiest Export

On October 24, the Polish conservative movement Konfederacja organized the “Great March of Freedom,” a massive protest against the koronaterror (Coronavirus terror): the ruling Law and Justice Party’s excessive restrictions on Polish social and economic life. Tens of thousands of people assembled in cities across Poland, including Warsaw. The government proclaimed this event a health threat, and the police…

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