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These pieces are produced by members of the IWP community, conveying perspectives on foreign policy, national security, intelligence, and other related issues. Please note that the views expressed by our faculty, research fellows, students, alumni, and guest lecturers do not necessarily reflect the views of The Institute of World Politics.

China’s Trial Balloon

Is the Biden administration intellectually honest enough with itself to treat this as a setback and learn from it? As the Chinese spy balloon crisis deflates, a key question remains: Why did the PRC do it? The answer might be as simple as this: Because they could. Maybe no one in Beijing believed that the…

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Concepts of World Politics

All the “Social Sciences” have certain “concepts” that identify, clarify, or define their social/political boundaries and separate them from their competitors. The world of sociology, for example, will use concepts such as race, tribe, nation, etc. that dominate its own field; economics and political science do the same, etc. This doesn’t mean that the various…

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Tanks Will Help Ukraine, So Would Clear Policy from Biden

The Ukrainians do not expect American and other NATO troops to die for them. They fight bravely on their own even with outdated equipment. Early on in the war, the Ukrainian ancient T-64 tanks routed Russia’s famous 1st Guards Armored Army twice. By now, however, Ukraine has amassed quite an armored force: in reality and in pledges. Most NATO countries have contributed, the Americans and…

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No World War III. Check.

The problem is that Putin may have other requirements on his checklist. If the Biden administration is engaged in postwar planning for Ukraine, it might want to consider how to get postwar first. Last week, Secretary of State Antony Blinken gave his views on the endgame in Ukraine and what should happen after. He emphasized a key…

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Qin Gang, Song Tao and ‘Special Agent Diplomacy’

In 1988, young Comrade Qin Gang (秦剛) did not graduate from the China Foreign Affairs University (外交學院), China’s training academy for diplomats. He never attended the Institute. Instead, he graduated from Beijing’s “University of International Relations” (國際關係學院) which, as I recall from early in my diplomatic career, was a campus well-known for its affiliation with…

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