Mike Pompeo and the Beast From the East

When U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo traveled for an official visit to Poland a week ago, the Poles were celebrating a centennial of their victory over the Soviet Union. Pompeo probably did know that there was a strong American connection, even a Hollywood one. In 1933 Merian C. Cooper produced his smash hit King…

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Bowles' new pocket map of the world

Utopian Thoughts

Realities In a world that remains in political “anarchy,” 6,000 years later, one might think that a truly global organization might arise to supervise the lurid activities of the membership. Not so. After thousands of years with incessant warfare, alliances that come and go eternally, spying, rivalry, sustained suspicion, “sovereignty,” “territoriality,” we might, at last,…

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Hezbollah’s dilemma

With its grip on Lebanon suddenly in doubt, Hezbollah will have to think more than twice before launching an assault on Israel. The gigantic series of explosions which destroyed the port of Beirut and severely damaged much of the rest of the city has, of course, been extensively commented upon. I don’t presume to know…

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International flags

World Without Order: What Else Is New?

When nation-states behave as “nation-states,” that is, since time began, the American media and public react in horror. Like, “this is unheard of,” or “how dare they.” It might help to open a book. What they “Do” The Russians are “meddling,” there is “collusion” between Putin and Trump, they seem to get along, Trump is…

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Globe showing USA

After America: Who?

“Ancient” History Most Americans, especially under 50, have little or no remembrance of what it’s like to be a “superpower,” at the top of the global power structure and influencing events from the Congo, Vietnam, Egypt, Cuba, Korea, not to mention living within a world order made by and supervised by Americans. These citizens (“kids”)…

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Belarus: Plot Thickens in Presidential Landslide

The bad news is that there have been riots every night in Belarus following the presidential election of August 10. And more bad news is also that we have a winner: President Oleksandr Lukashenka has triumphed again, and, after 26 years in the office, he is now officially in his sixth term. He will soldier…

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Lenin, Revolution, and the Jewish People

Antisemitism and the Russian Revolution by Brendan McGeever Reviewed by Marek Jan Chodakiewicz According to Brendan McGeever’s Antisemitism and the Russian Revolution (Cambridge and New York: Cambridge University Press, 2019), armed supporters of the Bolsheviks, in the Red Army in particular, were permeated with antisemitism which manifested itself in anti-Jewish propaganda and violence. Simply put, the rank-and-file…

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Soldiers preparing to fold an American flag -

The New Illusion: “Fascism” in America

We are seeing the mainstreaming of allegations of “fascism” in American governance and especially in reference to the Donald Trump White House.  The charge is false—but damaging to our common sense.  That last phrase is offered in two ways: The charge of “fascism” makes little sense.  And it is an awful replacement for the noble…

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Back the Blue—and Give ’em a Raise!

A powerful revolutionary wave has been sweeping the nation. One of its bywords is “Defund the Police.” In reality, however, it is about law and order. Emasculating or even dismantling the police is plainly an assault on law and order. The postulate to defund law enforcement officers has gained some traction in Democrat-controlled cities in particular.  Minneapolis…

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US Inspires Summer of Un-Love in Germany, Bulgaria

Over the last weekend, the Germans and the Bulgarians demonstrated against their respective governments. This seems to be an echo chamber effect of our own travails which have inspired countless Europeans to take to the streets and express their anger over their gripe de jour. In this instance, as we shall see, the Germans are quite…

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