IWP interns contribute to research projects with IWP faculty members, assist with institutional operations, and have the opportunity to audit a graduate-level class. Here, they share their experiences during the IWP internship program.

The IWP Internship Experience: Ceanna Hayes

As a senior studying politics and Latin at Hillsdale College, I came to D.C. seeking an internship that would broaden and deepen my understanding of international relations. While working at The Institute of World Politics as a presidential intern over the past semester, I experienced that and more. I applied to IWP as part of…

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Jack Browne

The IWP Internship Experience: Jack Browne

As a junior at American University, I was looking for an internship that would allow me to engage with pertinent issues in American foreign policy. I am immensely glad that I could fulfill this goal at The Institute of World Politics. As an events and communications intern, I was able to attend and assist with…

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Colin Agostisi

The IWP Internship Experience: Colin Agostisi

During my internship at IWP, I benefited tremendously from the wealth of resources that were made available to me. First, I worked with Dr. Marek Chodakiewicz and read books that transformed my perspective. These books shed light on certain viewpoints that are widely unknown, and I felt challenged intellectually. Additionally, I helped edit and prepare…

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The IWP Internship Experience: Kayla Marineau

As a fall 2020 graduate, I spent many sleepless nights thinking about how I would find a job in an uncertain job market. I worried that I did not have enough real-world experience. Now, after spending a semester at IWP as a research assistant and intern, I feel more prepared to enter the workforce. I…

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The IWP Internship Experience: Sumner Levenson

Obtaining an internship in college is one of the most nerve-wracking, exciting, and useful experiences one will have during their time as an undergraduate. Leading up to my senior year, obtaining an internship was constantly on my mind. Specifically, I was looking for an internship in my field of study, hands-on experience, and most importantly,…

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Participants in Exercise Dragon Teeth

IWP Interns Participate in Exercise Dragon Teeth

On November 12, a group of ten interns at The Institute of World Politics participated in a fast-paced simulation (aka Exercise Dragon Teeth) focusing on the threat of a Chinese invasion of Taiwan in the year 2025. Recently inaugurated IWP President Dr. James Anderson designed this event to serve several purposes.  “I wanted to expose…

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IWP interns reflect on their experience

Twelve interns from colleges and universities around the United States recently completed the IWP summer internship program. They worked on various research topics including cyber intelligence, U.S. bilateral security agreements, international “spoilers,” cultural psychology, and grand strategy. Here, they reflect on their experience doing research, assisting with institutional operations, auditing courses, connecting with IWP faculty…

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The IWP Internship Experience: Daniel Breslin

Throughout my time at IWP, I worked as a research assistant and intern. Specifically, I worked with Dr. Wayne Schroeder on researching U.S. bilateral security agreements, predominantly focusing on Japan. I wrote a paper examining the U.S.-Japan Security Treaty and how the security relationship between the two nations has developed from 1960 up until the…

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Caroline Boyd

The IWP Internship Experience: Caroline Boyd

As someone interested in foreign affairs and working towards a career in foreign service, coming across the IWP internship program was like finding buried treasure for me. The mission of IWP is essential in today’s international climate, and I was thrilled to be a part of that mission through the internship program. Interning with the events and communications team allowed me to expand my knowledge of international relations and combine that with my…

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