IWP interns contribute to research projects with IWP faculty members, assist with institutional operations, and have the opportunity to audit a graduate-level class. Here, they share their experiences during the IWP internship program.

Interns Fall 2019

IWP interns reflect on their experience

Fourteen interns from colleges and universities around the United States recently celebrated the completion of the IWP fall internship program. They worked on various topics including counterterrorism, cyber intelligence, cyber security, and defense economics. Here, they reflect on their experiences doing research, auditing courses, connecting with IWP faculty and staff, and growing professionally. “The real…

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Ignacio Videla

The IWP Internship Experience: Ignacio Videla

As a junior at the George Washington University majoring in International Affairs with a concentration in Security Policy, I was looking for an internship that would set me up for a career in the national security field, provide me with useful professional experience, and allow me to make the best use of the limited amount…

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The IWP Internship Experience: Daine Hale

My time at IWP has been incredible, spanning from the professional advancement provided through research and a wide range of opportunities relating to the fields of intelligence, national security, and international affairs. IWP’s internship program was an internship I had been keen on partaking in since my freshman year at American University. However, I was…

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Shawn Sukert

The IWP Internship Experience: Shawn Sukert

As a business management major at the University of Maryland, I never thought I would end up interning at an organization like IWP, whose main focus is on the areas of statecraft, national security, and international affairs. However, I believed that the internship was an interesting opportunity and that I would give it a shot.…

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Jack Mascuch

The IWP Internship Experience: Jack Mascuch

If I had to pick one thing which I enjoyed the most from my experience this past semester at IWP, it would be the people. From the moment I walked into the historic Marlatt mansion, I immediately felt welcomed by all the staff, students, and professors. That feeling has not faded since! Whether it was…

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Stephanie Allen

The IWP Internship Experience: Stephanie Allen

As the summer before my senior year drew to a close, I thought I had done it all. I had finished most of my higher-level graduation requirements at the George Washington University, worked on the executive boards of multiple on-campus organizations, and held an internship every semester since my first year, even a full-time intern…

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The IWP Internship Experience: David Moran

The experience I have had while at The Institute of World Politics this semester as a Research Intern and Assistant has been nothing less than exceptional. From taking a graduate course for the first time to playing the role of an intelligence analyst in IWP’s Baltic Storm 2025 War-Game Simulation, the knowledge and experience I…

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Patricia Katsamakis

The IWP Internship Experience: Patricia Katsamakis

When I applied for the Events and Communications internship at IWP, I had no idea what was in store for me. Internship programs are available at organizations across D.C., and the options seemed endless. Upon arriving at IWP, I realized that my responsibilities were much more legitimate than any other internship I had experienced before.…

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The IWP Internship Experience: Elizabeth Whatcott

I came to The Institute of World Politics unsure of what I wanted. Even though I was an International Relations major in my last semester of college, I was still deciding which of my many interests I would turn into a career. Before obtaining my internship at IWP, I had heard about the exciting new…

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The IWP Internship Experience: Jackie Droesch

My internship at The Institute of World Politics has been hands down one of the best internship experiences I have had. From day one of my internship, IWP welcomed me into their community and made me feel like I was one of their students. As a senior at American University studying foreign policy and national…

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