The Center for Intermarium Studies is an academic hub that focuses on the geographic region between the Baltic, the Black, and the Adriatic Seas, formerly dominated by the Soviet Union. The Kościuszko Chair, which is part of the Center for Intermarium Studies, serves as a center for Polish Studies.

An unprecedented victory in Poland

On October 9, 2011, the liberal and effusively Europhoric Civic Platform (PO) trounced the populist and mildly conservative Law and Justice (PiS) 39.18% to 29.98%. The rest of the vote went to the post-Communist Polish Peasant Party (PSL), the transformed Marxist-Leninist Union of the Democratic Left (SLD), and the socialist-libertine Palikot Movement (RP), a PO…

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Prof. Chodakiewicz delivers brownbag lecture on Intermarium

On Wednesday, 21 September, Dr. Marek Jan Chodakiewicz – Professor of History and the current holder of the Kościuszko Chair in Polish Studies – delivered the second brownbag lecture on the Intermarium, the subject of his forthcoming monograph. The title of the lecture was “Intermarium at Dawn: From Its Early History Through the Mongol Conquest,” a part…

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