The Center for Intermarium Studies is an academic hub that focuses on the geographic region between the Baltic, the Black, and the Adriatic Seas, formerly dominated by the Soviet Union. The Kościuszko Chair, which is part of the Center for Intermarium Studies, serves as a center for Polish Studies.

Minsk’s Integrated Sideshow

A version of this article was also published by Newsmax. As the United States was worried about Russia’s intentions in Ukraine, Belarus ran its own sideshow that exacerbated our trepidation about an all-out war. That was probably the Kremlin’s intention, and Minsk gladly obliged. Aleksandr Lukashenka “Daddy-Batko” is no puppet to Vladimir Putin, even when…

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Dr. Chodakiewicz discusses Poland’s history with the Catholic faith

On April 8, IWP professor Dr. Marek Chodakiewicz was invited to Vendée Radio to discuss the long history of Poland’s relationship with the Catholic faith. Dr. Chodakiewicz discussed in great detail how Poland’s relationship with the Catholic faith has been shaped and evolved throughout the centuries, analyzing how numerous political and even socioeconomic factors played…

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Portrait of Felix Dzerzhinsky in a Soviet Parade in Moscow, 1936, carried by athletes of the Dynamo Sports Society.

Iron Feliks

Fanatical, ascetic, dialectical, practical, and love-struck describes best Poland’s most infamous Communist revolutionary and the founder of the Soviet secret police as he emerges from the pages of Robert Blobaum’s Feliks Dzierżyński and the SDKPiL: A Study of the Origins of Polish Communism (New York and Boulder, CO: Columbia University Press and East European Monographs,…

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Should America Gift Poland a Nuclear Weapon?

A shorter version of this article was published by Newsmax. In Ghost Fleet, a science cyber-fiction thriller about our next war with China and Russia in the near future, NATO falls apart. After the United States is attacked, and Hawaii occupied by Red Chinese, the Europeans proclaim neutrality. That is, except for the Brits and…

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What’s Up with Navalny?

A shorter version of this article was published by Newsmax.  Russian opposition leader Andrei Navalny has become, arguably, the most recognizable domestic foe of the Kremlin’s Vladimir Putin. Following a botched assassination attempt in August 2020, Navalny’s story hit the news everywhere in the West. He was poisoned with the Novichok agent while returning on…

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Janos Esterhazy

A Saintly Underdog: Count János Esterházy

A shorter version of this article was originally published by Newsmax.  America usually sides with an underdog. When the underdog’s cause is righteous, our support tends to be unqualified. Sometimes we root for the collective underdog. That was the case, for example, with America’s fondness of Poland’s “Solidarity” and its fight for freedom against the…

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The September 1939 War: Polish Cavalry Charging, but not Tanks

First to Fight, The Polish War 1939 By Roger Moorhouse Case White, The Invasion of Poland 1939 By Robert Forczyk Reviewed by Marek Jan Chodakiewicz On September 1, 1939, Hitler attacked Poland; Stalin joined him on September 17. Thus, the Second World War commenced. From the start it was a war against two enemies: Germans, who were…

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