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Members of the IWP community produce research on a myriad of topics, analyzing past events, addressing contemporary issues, and contributing to the existing knowledge on foreign affairs, statecraft, and intelligence.

The US colossus with feet of clay

In an article on, IWP Adjunct Professor Norman Bailey surveys the rise and fall of the “Pax Americana” of the post-Cold War era.  He asserts that the current crises troubling the US position in world affairs is because “we lost sight of and allegiance to the timeless principles of which the country was founded…

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Genocide prevention by one condottiere

In this essay, published originally in the January/February issue of the magazine Serviam, Dr. Chodakiewciz notes: "Genocide prevention is about neutralizing regimes and groups fostering mass murder through their ideologies and actions. In the West, most conceptualize genocide prevention in terms of education, lobbying, and humanitarian assistance….  Meanwhile, people are dying and even the best…

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