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Members of the IWP community produce research on a myriad of topics, analyzing past events, addressing contemporary issues, and contributing to the existing knowledge on foreign affairs, statecraft, and intelligence.

Hope beyond that hatred

In the little town of Jedwabne, nestled in the heart of Poland, all the Jewish inhabitants- mainly old people, women, and children-were rounded up and burned alive by a group of German policemen and Polish townsfolk on July 10, 1941.No one knows exactly how many Jews were killed, but the best guess is around 300.…

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The myth exposed

Stalin’s victory over Hitler in the Second World War saved the Soviet Union from destruction and ensured its perpetuation for the next half a century. The latter feat was accomplished because the Soviets, on many levels, insidiously exploited their triumph over the Nazis. Aside from political, military, and economic aspects of its victory, the Kremlin…

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Wartime public diplomacy: A strategy to deliver the messages

This paper proposes a transitional strategy for wartime public diplomacy and strategic communication that the U.S. can implement quickly and without the need of bureaucratic reorganization. Traditional public diplomacy and the strategic communication concepts now under development are intended to build up the United States position abroad, solidify alliances, win over neutrals or keep them…

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