Summaries of past extracurricular lectures at IWP may be found below. For more information, please see upcoming events at IWP, join our invitation list, or listen to our videos or podcasts.

Ethiopia Flag

IWP hosts discussion on challenges facing Ethiopia

On February 8, 2021, The Institute of World Politics hosted its latest lecture in The African Strategic Forum titled “Ethiopia in 2021: Tackling Challenges and Looking Forward to the Future.” This event was moderated by Professor Hashem Mekki, who teaches Arabic at IWP, and included five expert panelists, Mr. Jon Abbink, Ms. Bronwyn Burton, Mr.…

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Dr. Ken Masugi reflects on how the Civil War completed the Constitution

On September 16th, 2020, The Institute of World Politics hosted its Annual Constitution Day Lecture as a webinar presentation on the topic: How the Civil War Completed the Constitution: A 2020 Perpetuation Address with Dr. Ken Masugi. About the Speaker Dr. Ken Masugi is a Senior Fellow of the Claremont Institute and a Senior Contributor to…

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Ambassador Jung-Hoon Lee discusses human rights atrocities in North Korea

On September 14th, 2020, The Institute of World Politics hosted a webinar on Human Rights Atrocities in North Korea. This event was a part of IWP’s Asia Initiative Lecture Series and featured a discussion with Ambassador Jung-Hoon Lee, the former South Korean Ambassador for human rights as well as the inaugural South Korean Ambassador-at-Large for…

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Dr. Jung H. Pak discusses the making of Kim Jong Un

On September 14, 2020, The Institute of World Politics hosted the webinar, Becoming Kim Jong Un. This event was sponsored by the Global Impact Discussion Series and moderated by IWP alumna Patricia Schouker. The webinar featured Dr. Jung H. Pak, who spoke to the external and internal factors that gave rise to one of the…

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IWP professors discuss new initiatives in combating Islamic extremism

On August 19th, 2020 The Institute of World Politics hosted a webinar entitled “Countering Islamist Political Extremism by Orchestrating the Instruments of National Power” which was a part of the Winning Without War series. The event featured Dr. Christopher C. Harmon and Dr. Douglas E. Streusand and was moderated by Michael C. Maibach, an IWP…

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