Summaries of past extracurricular lectures at IWP may be found below. For more information, please see upcoming events at IWP, join our invitation list, or listen to our videos or podcasts.

Dr. Jonathan Ward discusses China’s Vision of Victory

On January 22, 2020, Dr. Jonathan D.T. Ward, Founder of Atlas Organization, a consultancy firm focused on the rise of China and India, U.S.-China relations, and the new geopolitics of the Indo-Pacific, spoke at The Institute of World Politics. Dr. Ward received his D.Phil. in China-India relations from Oxford University and has traveled extensively through…

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Ethan S. Burger discusses Russia’s use of private military companies to advance foreign policy goals

On  December 19th, Mr. Ethan S. Burger discussed the domestic and international consequences of Russia’s use of private military companies to advance its foreign policy goals and the international consequences of outsourcing and privatizing these traditional state functions. Mr. Burger is a Washington-D.C. based international attorney and educator with a background in cybersecurity, transnational financial…

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William McCahill

William McCahill Describes the Generations of Leadership in China

On November 12th, Mr. William McCahill came to IWP to discuss the characteristics and the history behind China’s leadership. Mr. McCahill had a 25-year career in the Foreign Service where he worked in Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Beijing and held senior posts in Western Europe, Scandinavia, and Canada. After retiring from the Foreign Service in…

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Ali Wyne discusses the construct of great-power competition

Mr. Ali Wyne came to The Institute of World Politics on November 8, 2019, as a part of the Global Impact Discussion Series, which was founded by IWP alumna Patricia Schouker. Mr. Wyne is a Washington D.C. based policy analyst for the RAND Corporation’s Defense and Political Sciences Department. Mr. Wyne started by discussing the…

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