Summaries of past extracurricular lectures at IWP may be found below. For more information, please see upcoming events at IWP, join our invitation list, or listen to our videos or podcasts.

Michael Pregent

Michael Pregent examines the politicization of the Iran Deal

On Wednesday, October 2nd, Michael Pregent, Senior Fellow at the Hudson Institute and former intelligence officer, came to IWP to speak on the topic of the misinformation surrounding the Iran nuclear deal and the Trump Administration. Though focused on the current situation in Iran, Mr. Pregent’s lecture sought to explore the larger question of how…

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Dr. Sujata Ashwarya discusses Israel’s energy security strategy

On Wednesday, September 18th, Dr. Sujata Ashwarya came to speak at IWP about Israel’s energy security and strategy. Dr. Ashwarya is an Associate Professor at the Centre for West Asian Studies [Middle Eastern], Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi, India. She has her MPhil and Ph.D. in Western Asian Studies from Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi.…

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Dr. Richard J. Bishirjian

Panel discusses historical examples of countries being lost

On June 13th, 2019, The Institute of World Politics hosted a panel discussion entitled “Loss of Country,” co-sponsored by the American Academy of Distance Learning. Panelists Dr. John Tierney, Jr., Dr. Richard Bishirjian, and Dr. Marek Chodakiewicz discussed three historical examples of countries being lost. The Artful Recluse: 17th Century China Dr. Bishirjian was the…

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Daniel P. Ahn

Dr. Daniel Ahn discusses the economic impact of targeted sanctions

On February 15th, 2019, The Institute of World Politics hosted a talk with Dr. Daniel P. Ahn, advisor to the U.S. government, senior advisor at the Rapidan Energy group, and Lecturer at John Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies. Dr. Ahn presented his findings in a lecture titled “The Economics of Targeted Sanctions” and introduced…

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Dr. Joshua Muravchik discusses his new book on socialism

On April 24th, 2019, The Institute of World Politics Adjunct Professor Dr. Joshua Muravchik delivered a lecture on his new book, Heaven on Earth: The Rise, Fall, and Afterlife of Socialism, to the public. Professor Muravchik began his presentation by first reflecting on the political prominence of socialism throughout history. Socialism, Professor Muravchik explained, “Did more…

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