Summaries of past extracurricular lectures at IWP may be found below. For more information, please see upcoming events at IWP, join our invitation list, or listen to our videos or podcasts.

IWP student discusses Soviet anti-religious activism and propaganda

Helen Lamm is a current graduate student of The Institute of World Politics with an academic focus on the politics of post-Communism. On September 27th, 2018, she delivered a presentation entitled “The League of the Militant Godless” to her fellow students and other guests at the Institute. Her lecture covered the Soviet anti-religious activism and…

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Prof. Eugene Poteat lectures on women in intelligence

In what capacity have women served in intelligence? Eugene Poteat-former CIA Scientific Intelligence Officer and IWP Professor Emeritus-sought to provide an answer and dispel falsehoods about the role of women in intelligence in a lecture entitled “Women in Intelligence:  Fantasy vs. Reality.”

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