IWP welcomes speakers to discuss specific issues in foreign policy and national security. Commencement speeches and other remarks made at IWP events may also be found here.

CIA veteran Burton Gerber speaks to interns

IWP interns were fortunate to have a lecture by one of the Central Intelligence Agency’s finest, Burton Gerber. Mr. Gerber served with the CIA for 39 years as a case officer and Chief of Station in three communist countries. He currently is a professor at Georgetown University’s Center for Security Studies.

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Poland: Strategically active or passive?

With Poland’s release from Communist captivity and its subsequent accession to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, its strategic situation was transformed and seemed to have improved dramatically.  Poland’s security is in reality not what it appears to be.  Rather, Poland’s security situation, in my estimation, has deteriorated and is likely to deteriorate further.  As this…

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