Amb from Estonia and James A. Rice-3

James A. Rice receives public diplomacy award from Estonian Foreign Ministry

The Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs awarded IWP M.A. candidate James A. Rice a certificate of appreciation for promoting understanding of Estonia in the U.S. in November 2018. This past December, the Ambassador of Estonia, Amb. Jonatan Vseviov, presented this award to James in person. In his work as Legislative Director for Senator Chuck Grassley,…

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MG James Taylor speaks at SVA Roundtable

Major General James E. Taylor speaks at IWP Student Roundtable

On November 7th, the IWP Student Veterans Association hosted a Student Roundtable discussion with Major General James E. Taylor. At this small, informal event, General Taylor spoke with IWP students about his experiences as the CJ3 Director of Operations, Combined Joint Interagency Task Force in Afghanistan. General Taylor is now serving as Director of the…

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Chelsea Rose speaking at State Department’s OSAC 34th Annual Briefing

Two IWP alumni speak at the State Department’s OSAC 34th Annual Briefing

Chelsea Rose (‘19) and Anna Macdonald (‘19) were both featured speakers at the 34th Annual Briefing for the State Department’s Bureau of Diplomatic Security, Overseas Security Advisory Council (OSAC), which took place on November 20-21. Anna, an East Asia and Pacific Analyst with OSAC, spoke on a two-person panel at a breakout session on the…

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Two IWP alumni receive the most prestigious FBI award

John Russo (’06) and Tim B. (’12) were recently awarded the “Director’s Award for Excellence” in the category “Outstanding Counterintelligence Investigation” by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). John and Tim shared the award with a small team from across the United States. This award is the most prestigious FBI award: only one investigation out…

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