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IWP 612
Four credits

The current mission, organization, size, structure, and doctrines of American Intelligence are once again at issue. The events of 9/11, the several wars in the Middle East and central Asia, and the coming of the “information age” have raised fundamental questions about the purpose, mission, policies and capabilities of U.S. Intelligence. Attention is also focused once again on longstanding questions of the performance and effectiveness of these capabilities and the communities that support them. The seminar will build on an understanding of the complicated theoretical, functional and practical relationships between intelligence and policy developed in the pre-requisite course Intelligence and Policy.

Today, this long-standing element of national security is at a formative crossroad. In the world of statecraft, intelligence is, in essence, the gathering and analysis of secret information about other nations. In this seminar, we will examine these functions and how they might be successful in the face of 21st Century challenges.


Semester Available



Intelligence and Policy~ Counterintelligence in a Democratic Society

A waiver for professional experience may be granted by the professor.

Special Note

Admission into this course requires permission of professor