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Cyber Intelligence Overview

This course will introduce the student to the study and practice of Cyber intelligence, from a government and commercial perspective. This course in not intended to be a comprehensive area study but rather an introduction to the various aspects of cyber intelligence. It will deal with both practical application and theory. The student will be exposed to current intelligence and counterintelligence methods as well as current and emerging technologies.

Cyber intelligence is the acquisition and analysis of information to identify, track, and predict cyber capabilities, intentions, and activities. Students will learn how to add value to the information and to present actionable courses of action to the decision maker. They will understand the traditional intelligence tradecraft and how it is used in the cyber world to assess cyber threats. This will be done by understanding the history and application of intelligence technology, intelligence analysis and counterintelligence. Students will learn about different types of cyber threat actors; state, non-state and rouge actors.

Students will be exposed to technical aspects of cyber intelligence and gain hands-on familiarity with some cyber intelligence tools that support technical analysis. Students will explore intelligence related concepts such as counterintelligence, denial and deception, and activity-based intelligence as it pertains to cyber intelligence. Lastly, students will get exposure to future innovations that are changing the cyber intelligence landscape.