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Please note that this seminar is currently open to scholars from the Institute for Responsible Citizenship (IRC).

Partnership with Institute for Responsible Citizenship

The Lynde and Harry Bradley Seminar on Economic and Constitutional Principles is offered to scholars of the Institute for Responsible Citizenship, an organization which ofers an intensive two-summer experience for America’s best and brightest African American male college students.  Students accepted to IRC’s Washington Program earn course credit through The Institute of World Politics, in addition to their participation in: high-level internships in their fields of interest; comprehensive leadership and professional development workshops; private briefings with some of the nation’s most prominent public and private sector leaders; and service as teachers and mentors in the IRC Youth Scholar Academy.

IRC shares IWP’s values and teaches about liberty and its broad application in American life as well as about sound economic principles.

About the seminar

This seminar focuses on the subject of liberty and its broad application in American life as well as sound macro and micro economic principles. Nowhere on earth do men and women of African descent enjoy greater personal freedom and prosperity than in the United States. Yet, many minority students lack an understanding of our Constitution and an appreciation for the blessings of liberty. Further, many of the problems that plague the African American community – such as high unemployment rates, an inadequate supply of comfortable and affordable housing, and failing schools – are the unintended consequences of faulty economic policy.

This course imparts a sound understanding of constitutional and economic principles. Students undertake an in-depth investigation of the Constitution and other founding documents, while exploring the economic principles necessary to develop policy alternatives. After completing the course, students are able to make sound judgments regarding policies that affect their communities, our nation, and the world.

The course will be organized as an intensive series of 180-minute seminars covering the entire reading of the course, followed by a six week period of independent research and writing, and concluded in the eight week with a writing seminar open to all program participants.


Semester Available