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Writing for National Security Professionals

IWP 650
Two credits

Writing in the National Security community, be it within the Intelligence Community or the myriad organizations that deal in policy formulation and implementation, is considerably different from traditional academic submissions. Regardless as to whether you seek a position as an analyst, intelligence operative, foreign service officer, or any field within the national security establishment, how well you write will contribute significantly to your anticipated career progression. In addition, and especially in the public sector in the early stages of your career, you are “known by how well you write.” What you write also depends in large measure on the type of information you are trying to impart and, equally importantly, your audience. This course will focus on the various types of writing you will likely encounter in the national security realm. Writing requires practice, and this course will involve a series of short written assignments, plus in-class practical exercises covering the types of written products routinely encountered in this community.

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