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Students should consult with the Vice President of Student Affairs for advice on core curriculum and other courses needed for their programs. Prior to registering for a given semester’s coursework, students should contact the VP of Student Affairs to ensure the proper selection and sequencing of courses. After this consultation, students should register for their courses on EMPOWER. In addition, new students may seek a faculty adviser. Faculty advisers assist students with course selection, and can be a valuable source of mentoring and career advice. Both students and faculty adviser must sign a faculty advising form.

Students who display poor academic performance, i.e., receiv­ing a failing grade, should consult with their professors about how to improve their school work or the reason for their grades.

For more information, please contact the Vice President of Student Affairs. Mr. Jason Johnsrud, at

Timothy McCranor, Academic Advising and Success Specialist, can also help with academic advising and counseling. He can be reached at