Spring 2020 Semester (January 13-May 1, 2020)

Start of classes:                                                                       Jan. 13-17
Registration Add/Drop deadline:                                           Jan. 17
Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday (IWP closed, classes held): Jan. 20
Last date to withdraw with “W” grade:                                  Feb. 21
Presidents’ Day (IWP closed, classes held):                           Feb. 17
Spring Break:                                                                          March 16-20
Last week of classes:                                                               April 20-24
Final exams:                                                                            April 27-May 1
Grades available:                                                                     May 8
Commencement:                                                                     May 16
Spring degree and certificate conferral date:                          May 16

Summer 2020 Semester, Session 1 (May 11-July 2, 2020)

Start of classes:                                                                       May 11-14
Registration Add/Drop deadline:                                           May 14
Last date to withdraw with “W” grade:                                  May 29
Last week of classes:                                                               June 22-25
Final exams:                                                                            June 29-July 2
Grades available:                                                                     July 9

Summer 2020 Semester, Session 2 (July 6-August 27, 2020)

Start of classes:                                                                       July 6-9
Registration Add/Drop deadline:                                           July 9
Last date to withdraw with “W” grade:                                  July 24
Last week of classes:                                                               Aug. 17-20
Final exams:                                                                            Aug. 24-27
Summer degree and certificate conferral date:                       Aug. 31
Grades available:                                                                     Sept. 3

Fall 2020 Semester (August 31-December 11, 2020)

Start of classes:                                                                       Aug 31-Sept. 3
Labor Day holiday (IWP closed, no classes):                        Sept. 7
Registration Add/Drop:                                                          Sept. 3
Last date to withdraw with “W” grade:                                  Oct. 9
Columbus Day holiday (IWP closed, classes held):               Oct. 12
Veterans Day (IWP closed, classes held):                              Nov. 11
Thanksgiving Day holiday (no classes):                                 Nov. 26-27
Last week of classes:                                                              Nov. 30-Dec. 4
Final exams:                                                                            Dec. 7-11
Grades available:                                                                    Dec. 18
Fall degree and certificate conferral date:                              Dec. 31