Paying Your Bill

Payment of tuition at IWP involves two steps.  First, once you register for classes, you are required to remit a payment of $300 per course for which you have registered, which will be applied to your tuition charges, along with a $150 student services fee ($75 for the summer session).  This will guarantee your place in the course(s) for which you register.

Tuition must be paid in full no later than the first day of class, unless a prior arrangement has been made with IWP.  We utilize a vendor, Higher Education Services, for the collection of tuition payments, in order to provide maximum security of your consumer and personal information.  Transactions with HES online are completely secure and encrypted; further, your personal information is completely protected with them.  You may remit payment to HES by check, money order, electronic payment via ACH deduction from a checking account, or by credit card.

  • Mailing Your Payment — If you wish to remit your payment by check or money order, please address the check to Higher Education Services and note The Institute of World Politics in the memo section.  Please mail your check to:
         Higher Education Services
         IWP Plan
         P.O. Box 2653
         Harrisburg, PA 17105
  • Electronic Payment — Electronic payments via ACH deduction from a checking account are a free transaction and result in quicker application of payments to your account.  To make an electronic payment from your checking account, please click here.  For any questions about this service, please call Higher Education Services directly, toll-free, at (800) 422-0010.
  • Credit Card Payment — Higher Education Services processes credit card payments for IWP.  This service involves a convenience fee charge.  To remit payment via credit card, please click here.

Financing Options

There are a number of private education loan options available from several lending partners for students of The Institute of World Politics.  Please email the Director of Financial Aid, Ingrid Abernathy, for details about private education loans.  Loan applications must be received prior to the start of the semester in order to ensure receipt of disbursement by the first night of classes for the semester.