August 31-December 12, 2020

Course Schedule

NOTE: Additional readings may be assigned by professors, such as course readers, handouts, and on-line articles.

601 National Security Policy Process (Tsagronis)

605 Intelligence and Policy (Thomas) – Both Sections

607 U.S. Nonproliferation and Nuclear Policy (Sokolski)

608 Sources of American Political Thought (Wood)

613 History of International Relations (Tierney)

615 Western Moral and Political Tradition (Wood)

616 U.S. National Security Strategy and Emerging Threats (Tsagronis)


620 Contemporary Global Politics and Diplomacy (Chodakiewicz)

627 International Relations, Statecraft, and Integrated Strategy, Both sections (Lenczowski and Fontaine)

630 Chinese Grand Strategy: Foreign and Military Policy (Tkacik)

631 Foreign Propaganda, Perceptions, and Policy (Glancy)

633 Terrorism (Danis)

634 Geography and Strategy, Both sections (Chodakiewicz)

636 The Art of Diplomacy (Hughes)

640 Cultural Intelligence for Strategy and Analysis (Santoli)

642 Economics for Foreign Policymakers, Both sections (Bradley)

647 Case Studies in Counterintelligence Operations (Quattrocki)

648 Military Intelligence and Modern Warfare (DiGruttolo)

649 Mass Murder Prevention in Failed and Failing States (Chodakiewicz)

656 Intelligence Collection (Thomas/Blankenship)

658 Contemporary Conflict in the Greater Middle East (Streusand)

663 Cyber Statecraft (Tsagronis)

665 Corporate Statecraft (Tsagronis)


667 Forecasting and Political Risk Analysis (Glancy)

668 The Role and Importance of HUMINT (Sano)

681 Intelligence and the Law (Schilling)

682 International Organizations and Multilateral Diplomacy (Schroeder)

683 Violent Non-State Actors in Today’s Security Environment (Danis)

685 The Turks and MENA in History and Today (Williams)

689 North Korea and the Geopolitics of Northeast Asia (Sano)

691 Cyber Strategy Development (Billingsley)

  • All required readings will be available on-line.

692 Cyber Terrorism (Davis)

  • Most required readings will be available on-line.
  • The Perfect Weapon may be used. Please contact Prof. Davis for more information (pdavis@iwp.edu).