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SESSION 1: May 8-June 29; SESSION 2: July 3-August 24 | Course Schedule

NOTE #1: Additional readings may be assigned by professors, such as course readers, handouts, and on-line articles.
NOTE #2: The books below are largely from Other booksellers may also be used if it is more convenient and/or more cost effective to do so.

622 Comparative Intelligence Systems (Quattrocki)

625 Peace, Strategy, and Conflict Resolution (Santoli)

634 Geography and Strategy (Chodakiewicz)

650 Writing for National Security Professionals (Sano)

  • No required readings for this class.

657 U.S. Approaches to Irregular Warfare (Tsagronis)

  • Government documents will be made available online (no charge)

663 Cyber Statecraft (Tsagronis)

These books are strongly recommended only. You are not required to purchase them if their cost is prohibitive and your expected use of them is limited.

687 U.S. Bilateral Security Agreements (Schroeder)