Active Measures LogoDelivery Method: Articles are to be submitted to the journal email address:

Topic: Articles must focus on a topic of relevance to contemporary issues in foreign policy and national security.

Length: No more than 8,000 words

Citation format: Turabian Endnote

Document Format: Microsoft Word. Times New Roman, size 12 font.

Review Process:

All submissions will be acknowledged with an email from the editorial board. Once an article has been submitted it will be reviewed to see if it fits the basic criteria. If it passes this then it will be edited and proofread by the board members. Authors should expect a waiting period of several weeks before they hear back from the editorial board. Once an article has been selected, authors will receive an email asking for a short bio.


During the review process, editors will go through each article to ensure quality. Reviews include: fact checking, proofreading, correct citation format. After the review process articles will be sent back to authors to correct any requested changes- or the authors can give permission to the editorial board to make such changes.

Copyright Agreement:

The Active Measures Editorial Board recognizes that the authors of works included in the journal are the rightful owners of their respective pieces. However, the journal and IWP have the right to reuse the articles or excerpts from them for the website, press releases, events, or other IWP publications. Authors will be provided with a contract that will explicitly list these guidelines.


In an effort to provide the students the greatest opportunity available to them to have their work published, the journal board will work to ensure that currently enrolled students are given first priority for publication. If there are spaces for more works then interns and alumni of the school will then be considered.