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The IWP IAFIE Alpha Student Chapter


The International Association for Intelligence Education (IAFIE) recently recognized the need to get students involved in their own intelligence studies. In January 2020, IWP formed the first (Alpha) IAFIE student chapter, which is open to all intelligence major or concentration students and alumni (further information below). As the first student chapter of IAFIE, the chapter is excited to enrich the education of intelligence students and alumni at IWP. IWP Professors Aaron A. Danis and David L. Thomas serve as faculty advisors for the student-run chapter.

IAFIE was formed in June 2004 at the International Colloquium on Intelligence at Mercyhurst College. A group of intelligence professionals, educators, and trainers recognized the need for a professional association that would provide a catalyst and resources for their development and that of Intelligence Studies. IAFIE offers members and students opportunities to expand research, knowledge, and professional development in intelligence education.

Benefits of Membership

Specifically, membership in the chapter provides IWP students the following benefits:

  • A reduced membership fee ($10 a year as opposed to the $35 regular student membership, including the first year after graduating). IWP covers your membership fee while in school!
  • IAFIE national newsletter/journal (student publication medium)
  • Privileged consideration for presentations at conferences and IAFIE essay awards
  • Participation in hosting events
  • Website access for networking
  • E-mail list-serve
  • A professional venue to lay the groundwork for your career

Joining the IWP IAFIE Alpha Student Chapter

IWP students are eligible to join if they:

  • Are enrolled in the Strategic Intelligence Studies MA Program.
  • Are enrolled in the Statecraft and National Security Affairs MA Program with an Intelligence Concentration.
  • Are pursuing an Intelligence Certificate.
  • Have prior work experience in the Intelligence Community.
  • Intend to pursue a career in the Intelligence Community upon graduation.

Students may extend their membership for one year after graduation at the $10 rate.

Students meeting the criteria who are interested in joining should contact Prof. Aaron Danis at his IWP e-mail.