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Spring 2019 Required Texts

January 14-May 3, 2019
Course Schedule

Please note: Many classes will have additional readings (articles, essays, etc.) that are not listed below. These will be listed in your course syllabi. 

601 National Security Policy Process (Tsagronis)

603 Russian Politics and Foreign Policy (Chodakiewicz)

605 Intelligence and Policy (Thomas)

606 Ideas and Values in International Politics (Muravchik)

608 American Founding Principles and Foreign Policy (Smith)

609 Economic Statecraft and Conflict (Glancy)

610 Counterintelligence in a Democrataic Society (Thomas) - Both sections

615 Western Moral Tradition and World Politics (Wood) 

616 U.S. National Security Strategy and Emerging Threats (Tsagronis)

620 Contemporary Global Politics and Diplomacy (Chodakiewicz)

627 International Relations, Statecraft and Integrated Strategy (Lenczowski/Fontaine) - Both sections

628 Military Strategy: Theory and Practice (Harmon)

634 Geography and Strategy (Chodakiewicz) - Both sections

635 History of American Foreign Policy (Tierney)

636 The Art of Diplomacy (Hughes)

639 U.S.-African Relations (Snyder)

  • TBA

641 Political Warfare: Past, Present, and Future (Glancy)

642 Economics for Foreign Policy Makers (Bradley) - Both sections

650 Writing for National Security Professionals (Sano)

  • No required textbooks

652 Estimative Intelligence Analysis and Epistemology (Ford)

654 History of FBI Counterintelligence (Quattrocki)

659 Enemy Threat Doctrine of Global Jihadism (Streusand)

662 Surprise, Warning and Deception (Thomas)

665 Corporate Statecraft (Tsagronis)

668 The Role and Importance of HUMINT (Sano)

669 Counterterrorism and the Democracies (Danis)

670 Counterterrorism through Cultural Engagement and Development (Santoli)
672 Crisis Management and Decisionmaking (Tsagronis)
676 A Counterintelligence Challenge: The Enigmas and Benefits of Defectors (Messer)
679 Defense Strategy, Planning, and Budgeting (Schroeder)