Career ServicesIWP Career Services are available to students and alumni of The Institute of World Politics. 

Career Consultations & Employment Advising

Whether students or alumni are certain of their career goals or undecided about what to do next, a personal career counseling session is available in person or via the phone. We assist IWP students and alumni with exploring their interests, skills, and values; devising a job search strategy; and addressing other concerns associated with the job search process.  We also offer a variety of career and self-assessment instruments to facilitate career exploration.

Individual employment advising is available for students and alumni who have clarified the career field they wish to pursue and would like to discuss specific job search strategies.  Employment advising can be provided in person, via the phone and by email.

Please contact Derrick Dortch at to set up an appointment. 

Career Success Seminars & Workshops

A successful career search involves several steps, each is an important part of the process-self exploration, career field exploration, targeting organizations, marketing yourself, and interviewing.  Our series of career success seminars and workshops provide the help students need to be successful at each step.  Our workshop topics include:

  • Careers for an IWP Degree
  • Writing Targeted Resumes that Win Interviews
  • Writing Federal Resumes & KSAs that Win Interviews
  • Getting A Security Clearance
  • Conducting a Job & Internship Search
  • Careers in National & Homeland Security
  • Careers in International Affairs & Foreign Policy
  • Careers in International Development
  • Winning the Interview and the Job: Interview Skills
  • Evaluating and Negotiating a Job Offer (Salary Negotiation)
  • And many more

These workshops will be announced via email through Student Affairs, and will also be posted under

Career Spotlights/Career Focus

Throughout the year, speakers visit the campus to talk about specific career fields.  Speakers share experiences and offer information and inside tips on how to research, identify, and secure both internship and full-time job opportunities.  The series focuses on careers in intelligence, national security, homeland security, law enforcement, international business, international affairs, politics, Foreign Service, policy, research, public relations, communications, development and more.

These events will be announced via email through Student Affairs, and will also be posted under

Employer Presentations

Employers come to IWP and present about career opportunities in their organization. These events will be announced via email through Student Affairs. 

Self-Marketing Tools: Critique & Editing

Targeted resumes, federal resumes, cover letters, KSA's and other self-marketing materials get results and win interviews. Generic resumes don't! We assist students in the development of their targeted self-marketing tools that win interviews by providing detailed critiques, editing, and enhancement recommendations.

Please contact Derrick Dortch at to set up an appointment.

Video Interview Preparation (VIP) Program

One of the best ways to prepare for interviewing is to practice. We prepare students by taking them through an actual interview based on the jobs/career fields they are targeting. We tape and analyze the interview to identify strengths and weaknesses and develop improvement strategies for interview success.

Please contact Derrick Dortch at to set up an appointment.

IWP Career Success Center

Career Success Center website for IWP provides up-to-date information on career activities and provides career success advice, education and job search information.  Students and alumni can access various career links, jobs and internships, career advice and get answers to their career planning questions.  The website provides the help and support students and alumni need 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Please contact Derrick Dortch at to request access to this website.