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Jim Penrose

Instructor, Cyber Intelligence Initiative

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Jim Penrose is the President of Tenacity Cyber. Jim has worked in leadership roles for high-profile cybersecurity start-up firms including Darktrace, Redacted, and Bluevoyant. His deep experience in cyber intelligence, operations, product, and professional services benefits students by taking theoretical concepts into real-world instruction.

His previous experience includes 17 years of meritorious service at the National Security Agency (NSA) where he achieved the rank of Defense Intelligence Senior Level.

Jim is renowned for his innovative approach to cyber operations and has been called upon to solve the most complex challenges faced by the United States Intelligence Community. He founded and built the NSA Operational Discovery Center from concept to full operations in 18 months.

Jim was the first mission manager in the NSA/CSS Threat Operations Center and has been at the forefront of cyber operations planning and execution throughout his career at NSA. After working as a Global Network Exploitation and Vulnerability Analyst for 3 years, Jim was tapped to be the Technical Director for the Computer Network Operations Division of the Office of Information Operations. In addition, Jim has also served as the Signals Intelligence Directorate, Technical Director for Counterterrorism. He completed the NSA Senior Technical Development Program and diversified his experience through assignments in the NSA’s Tailored Access Operations Office and the NSA/CSS Commercial Solutions Center.

Jim earned a Master’s degree in Computer Science from George Washington University along with a BS from Drexel University. He received a Presidential Rank Award for his contributions to the mission of the US government.