Comparative Political Culture 444x718The Comparative Political Culture certificate is designed for students seeking an understanding of many of the political, ideological, religious, and cultural influences on the behavior of states around the world. This program will also provide background in the behavior of terrorist organizations and other non-state actors. Students will be prepared for careers in diplomacy and policymaking, and as analysts.

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Required Courses

Area-study courses (Two required)

Elective Courses (Choose one)

Program Learning Outcomes

  1. Students will demonstrate knowledge of basic terms, concepts, history, and theories related to political culture.
  2. Students will demonstrate an understanding of the political, ideological, religious, and cultural influences on the behavior of states and non-state actors around the world.
  3. Students will demonstrate the ability to assess arguments, identify logical flaws, and obtain supporting or corrective information.
  4. Students will demonstrate the use of clear, effective and persuasive communications.