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Your gift to IWP helps ensure that our next generation of leaders has a sound understanding of international realities and the ethical conduct of statecraft, based on knowledge and appreciation of the principles of the American political economy and the Western moral tradition.

Santee Vasquez 2 

"I saw a way to become a better person, officer, and leader by being at IWP. IWP has ignited in me the desire to ask and answer big questions: Why are military and civilian leaders doing this? What do their decisions mean? Tackling these will serve me well - whatever the next step might be."

- Major Santee Vasquez USA, 2009 Alumna, Logistics officer, United States Army

John Castle 2

"IWP is providing something extremely valuable and necessary, and it does a great deal with very limited resources. So often in the modern world, you can give a lot of money, for which you get very little... And a little goes a long way at IWP."

- IWP supporter John Castle, CEO of Castle Harlan, Inc.

Hampton Stephens

"My education at IWP gave me the background in international affairs and its history I needed to determine if articles submitted to World Politics Review make sense, have good arguments, have an interesting perspective on an issue, and are intelligently written."

-Hampton Stephens, Class of 2007

Gabriella Gervasio, Class of 2011

"As a graduate, I can attest to the high caliber of both the students and professors at IWP. High expectations are placed on the students in order to grow academically and learn to think strategically.  Supporters like you make it possible for IWP to hire excellent professors and help students financially. I offer you my earnest appreciation, gratitude, and thanks."

- Gabriella Gervasio, Class of 2011

William J. Flynn


"IWP emphasizes having a good understanding of international realities, ensures that its students understand the basic principles of American political life, and works to instill the understanding and practice of ethical conduct in its students." 

- IWP supporter William J. Flynn, former Mutual of America executive, advocate for peace in Ireland