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Annual Fund

The Institute is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit, tax-exempt educational institution, and is privately supported by donations from foundations, corporations and individuals.  Your gift to IWP’s Annual Fund will make not only make a difference in the lives of our students, but will help advance the security of our nation and the defense of decent civilization around the world.  Please click here to donate online.

Your gift to the Annual Fund could also qualify you for membership in the Chancellor’s Council, a donor recognition society of IWP’s closest friends and advisors.


Please consider establishing an IWP scholarship in honor or in memory of a loved one.  This is a wonderful way to ensure the next generation of sound, moral leaders for the United States.

  • $28,600 will pay for one year of full tuition for an academic scholarship.
  • $14,300 will pay for one year of half tuition for an academic scholarship.

Please contact advancement@iwp.edu.

To donate to the Thomas C. Atwood Memorial Scholarship for Academic Excellence, please click here.

Great Statesman Scholarship

The IWP Great Statesman Scholarship Program allows donors to name a scholarship for the statesman of their choice in consultation with Institute staff.  This is a high-impact way to attract and retain outstanding students to study at IWP.

Scholarship Patrons commit to giving $10,000 per year for five years to their named scholarships.  Each Patron will meet in person or virtually with the student given their Great Statesman Scholarship.

Learn more about the IWP Great Statesman Scholarship

If you are interested in creating a Great Statesman Scholarship at IWP, please contact advancement@iwp.edu or call (202) 462-2101.

Friends of the Library Program

The library is an important tool for our students as they pursue studies in national security and international affairs.  You can join the Friends of the Library Program through an annual gift of $300.

To donate books or to learn more about supporting the IWP Library, please contact Dmitry Kulik, Library Manageer, at kulik@iwp.edu.

Student recruitment

We hope you will help us spread the word about IWP and refer well-qualified prospective students to info@iwp.edu.

Sponsoring an event at IWP

If you would like to sponsor an event at IWP, please contact advancement@iwp.edu or (202) 462-2101.  You will receive recognition at the event and on our website.

  • $2,500 will sponsor an Open House for prospective students.
  • $2,500 will sponsor a lecture and reception.
  • $1,250 will co-sponsor a lecture and reception.
  • $500 will sponsor an intern program event.

Sponsorship for the internship program

If you would like to sponsor an internship program or an intern event, please contact advancement@iwp.edu or (202) 462-2101.

  • $10,000 will sponsor a semester-long internship program
  • $5,000 will co-sponsor a semester-long internship program
  • $500 will sponsor an intern program event

The Kosciuszko Chair of Polish Studies

The Kosciuszko Chair of Polish Studies serves as a center for Polish studies in the broadest sense, including learning, teaching, researching, and writing about Poland’s culture, history, heritage, religion, government, economy, and success in the arts, sciences, and letters, with special emphasis on the achievements of Polish civilization and its relation to other nations, particularly the United States.

Currently, the Chair is held by IWP Professor Marek Chodakiewicz.  To learn more about giving to the Kosciuszko Chair, please click here.  You can give to the Kosciuszko Chair by check, or online.