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IWP Supporters: Ken and Cheryl Cohen

 Ken and Cheryl Cohen are longtime supporters and beloved friends of The Institute of World Politics.  Over the years, Ken and Cheryl’s generosity, both financially and with their time, has been immense, and the Institute would be unrecognizable without them.

Ken is an investment banker, and Cheryl is CEO of the LOOC Foundation, a photographer, a former business owner, and now the mother of two (the latter, she points out, is her highest calling). 

In the wake of September 11th, Ken and Cheryl decided they needed to do something to support American troops actively.  Ken began volunteering as a pro-bono JAG lawyer and working part-time at the Defense Language Institute in Monterey, CA, providing legal assistance for the troops.  Meanwhile, Cheryl established The LOOC (Lives Out Of Combat) Foundation to support United States military personnel.  She created a project which produced a documentary film and accompanying book, Warriors…In Their Own Words. Their objective is to explore the nature of a warrior, why they are to be honored and thanked, and why they do what they do – in their own words and without filters.  (Click here to see the trailer for the film.)  With proceeds from the film and book, The LOOC Foundation supports soldiers wounded in the service of our country.

The Cohens have long felt that The Institute of World Politics is a vital part of the defense of this nation.  Indeed, Cheryl stated that:

“We feel it is important to support IWP because the work it is doing is so unique, yet so fundamental to our country’s continued existence. IWP is training leaders and those who want to protect our freedom, giving them the essential knowledge, history, and methodologies to accomplish work in statecraft and national defense that no other entity does….  Without understanding the goals and methods of our enemies, how are those in statecraft and government ever going to be able to protect us?”

In her and Ken’s experience, many in politics and government have not been sufficiently educated in the philosophy and history of the American founding, world history, comparative government, economics, counterintelligence, political warfare, and information strategy to name a few.  Because IWP teaches all of these arts of statecraft and how they should work in harmony with each other, and also provides its students with a foundation in history, philosophy, and economics, Ken and Cheryl decided to support the Institute beginning back in 1997.  Over the last twelve years, their generosity has been instrumental to IWP’s success, and we are most fortunate to have their friendship.