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Supporting IWP is a family affair: Meet Shirley Carroll

When IWP’s Army Senior Fellow COL Reginald Bostick was promoted in a ceremony at the Institute, he praised the school’s family-like atmosphere and esprit de corps. These qualities are evidenced not only in the school’s classrooms, but throughout its ranks of friends and supporters. Case in point: Shirley Carroll, mother of IWP staffer Kathy Carroll and the inaugural member of IWP’s 1947 Club.

The Carrolls are a patriotic family. Mrs. Carroll’s two brothers both served in the military, and her youngest daughter was in the Navy. Her four children – Kathy, Sharon, Kevin, and Sue – always attended the famous Fourth of July parade in Irondequoit , their hometown, with her late husband, John.

Mrs. Carroll, a lifelong resident of Rochester , New York , first met her husband of 52 years when he moved across the street from her. It turned out that they both worked for the Eastman Kodak Company in different departments.

Now, Mrs. Carroll continues to live in Rochester , but makes frequent trips to Washington, D.C. to visit Kathy and volunteer at IWP. She has put in many hours helping with IWP office work, and IWP staff and students are especially grateful for all her help.

Mrs. Carroll was excited to join IWP’s 1947 Club not only because she would be helping IWP students, but because she graduated from John Marshall High School in 1947, the same year in which the National Security Act of 1947 passed. This is the bill for which the 1947 Club is named, and it comprehensively reorganized the U.S. armed forces, intelligence, and foreign policy apparatus.

Of IWP, she says, “It’s a tremendous place, and I think it’s wonderful what they do for the students and for our nation’s security.”

Thank you, Mrs. Carroll!!