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David Haynes: “Anyone who believes in this country should support IWP”

IWP has friends and supporters all over the country and from sea to shining sea.  Mr. and Mrs. David Haynes are West Coast members of IWP’s 1947 Club, which supports student scholarships at the Institute. 

While Mr. Haynes has had careers in a private law practice, at an investment bank, in the financial services industry, and now at a financial services firm, he has been interested in foreign policy and defense matters “since Johnson was President.”  He received his undergraduate degree in mechanical engineering, his JD, and his MBA from the University of California at Berkeley, a school that he attended “from the Nixon to the Carter administrations.”

His father served in the Second World War, and his brother and cousin were both in ROTC in the ’60s and ’70s during the Vietnam War.  He and his wife understand that the international relationships and challenges our country faces today are complex and deserving of serious study.  This fuels their commitment to IWP.

Mr. Haynes remarks:

IWP’s mission is something in which my wife and I deeply believe.  We have been involved in the education industry for years, and this is apart from my normal professional interests.  IWP is the only institution whose curriculum is based on the premise of a holistic view of all aspects of running a country, and it believes in giving leaders the best possible tools, regardless of political affiliation.

Two of the most important aspects, of course, are for politics and defense.  As we have seen recently in the Middle East, to be effective US policy had to be executed in a more integrated and holistic fashion, essentially coordinated on all fronts.  This is exactly what IWP teaches, so anyone who believes in this country should support its mission.

On a more personal note, our son is a Second Lieutenant in the US Army.  We were especially excited that IWP is an approved participant in the Army’s Advanced Civilian Schooling Program and the Army Senior Service Fellow Program. 

We wish that IWP’s offering was more widespread and available to more students.  As a result, we became interested in the 1947 Club, and over time, we liked it so much, we did two memberships – one for each of us!

Mr. Haynes has known IWP President John Lenczowski for years and reconnected with him through IWP Trustee John Lovewell, a neighbor and personal friend of Mr. and Mrs. Haynes.  IWP and its scholarship students are fortunate to have the friendship and support of the Haynes family.