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Donor Spotlight: Meet IWP supporter George Higgs

George HiggsYou could say that George Higgs has lived the America dream. 

He grew up in Milford, CT, and attended the Hopkins School and then Washington and Lee University, where he majored in political science.  He launched a career in the health care industry, and formed a company promoting home health care, Carex, which he built up and later sold to Rubbermaid.  He lived in the Mountain Lakes, New Jersey area, and now lives in Florida.  A worldwide traveler, biker, and avid golfer, he and his wife have been blessed with four children. 

Mr. Higgs has a long history of making the world a better place. In New Jersey, he served on the advisory board of the Boys and Girls Club and on the board of the Salvation Army for 35 years.  In Vero Beach, he has served on the Salvation Army’s board for 20 years.  He has been on the board of the Indian River Symphonic Association, and currently is on the board of the Vero Beach Museum of Arts.  America is a better place for his efforts. 

Mr. Higgs, though, hopes that future generations can continue to enjoy the America he knows today.

He comments, “After the Cold War, we thought at one point that we were going to live in a golden age with no problems, but that turned out not to be the case.  Today, our nation is in a precarious situation, and faces enemies and challenges all over the world.  I think IWP does a good job recruiting and training intelligent people to meet these challenges.”

As a world superpower, the US has delicate relationships.  For instance, in the case of China, where he has traveled many times, Mr. Higgs comments, “We have to recognize that this country is very important and influential.  We have to try to work with them, and, although their interests may not be the same as ours, I don’t think we should be openly confrontational with them.  Through skillful diplomacy, we can accomplish more and avoid this direct confrontation.  This is where a school like IWP comes in.” 

IWP is grateful for Mr. Higgs’ support, both financially and in his enthusiasm for the school.  He has been instrumental in introducing IWP to new friends and supporters in his community.  His commitment brings about the commitment of others. 

To IWP students, Mr. Higgs suggests: “Never assume anything.  Pay attention to various forces around the world – some that may appear friendly aren’t so friendly.  Be alert and diligent at all times.  It’s a very tough world out there, and if America is going to remain a preeminent superpower, it’s going to take a lot of diplomatic effort.  This is something that is currently lacking in our country.”