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Donor Spotlight – Russell Blaylock: Neurosurgeon, Editor, and Patriot

“Dr. Lenczowski has created one of the most important institutes for training for statecraft and the study of security issues in the world.”
-Russell L. Blaylock M.D.

Russell L. Blaylock M.D.The interview below is with Russell Blaylock, an IWP supporter who was involved with the school before it was even founded.

Please tell us a little bit about your background.

I am a retired neurosurgeon. Presently, I am involved in neuroscience studies, write a health newsletter for NewsMax, develop health products, and serve on the editorial staff of several medical journals.

I am an Assistant Editor-in-Chief and on the editorial board for neuroscience for the journal Surgical Neurology International. I have written four health-related books and chapters in two medical textbooks. My wife and I enjoy traveling, hiking the mountains and being with our children and grandchildren.

I write articles concerning various conservative/Christian issues and play an active role in defending human freedom and God’s law.

You have been a longtime supporter of our school. How did you find out about IWP? How do you feel that the school has grown since you have been involved with us?

I had the pleasure of meeting John Lenczowski on a security cruise before he conceived of the idea for the Institute. Later, he spent time at my house discussing the initial stages of the development of the Institute, and that was when I began my support.

It is with great pleasure that I have watched John transform his idea into one of the most impressive institutes for training men and women in the skills of diplomacy, statecraft, and security-related foreign policy in the world.

Dr. Lenczowski’s dedication to sound principles of transcendent law, moral absolutes and the teaching of these principles within the scope of statecraft utilizing the wisdom, experience and intellectual background of some of the most important names in these disciplines is truly incredible. I know of no other institution that offers such extensive collective wisdom, as well as individual knowledge and experience as The Institute of World Politics.

The Institute thanks Dr. Blaylock for his steadfast support over all these years.