IWP Army Ten Miler teams finish race, raise money for IWP

The IWP Army Ten Miler teams have successfully finished the ten miler race last Sunday, and have raised several thousand dollars for technology and student services at IWP.  Many thanks to those who have given!!

It's not too late to give to the Ten Miler Challenge at IWP. Funds go towards technology and student services at IWP. Please click here to give via Paypal.

Supporters weigh in on the Ten Miler Challenge

Why did you support the IWP Army Ten Miler Challenge? Learn why our students, alums, friends, and faculty gave 

Cassandra Bales, LombokIWP student Cassandra Bales: Ambassador for America

Cassandra Bales has always had a passion for international relations and diplomacy. After two years at Cottey College in Missouri, where she was in the top ten of her class, Cassandra majored in international relations at the College of Notre Dame of Maryland, which is located in Baltimore. She graduated summa cum laude.

Professor part of 'Team B' report on enemy threat doctrine

An IWP professor is part of the now-famous ‘Team B' report on enemy threat doctrine and operations, including the Muslim Brotherhood penetration of the United States.

book_islamic_empires_streusandStreusand's latest book explores complexity & diversity of historic Islamic statecraft

Dr. Douglas Streusand's latest book, Islamic Gunpowder Empires: Ottomans, Safavids, and Mughals, represents more than twenty years of research. To celebrate its recent publication, an assembly of professional scholars of Islamic history and modern Central Asia joined IWP students at a reception hosted by IWP on October 7, 2010.

Amir Fakhravar and Kenneth Katzman discuss "Is Iran on the brink of another revolution?"

On September 23, IWP's Center for Culture and Security hosted a panel discussion addressing the question, "Is Iran on the brink of another revolution?" Kenneth Katzman, Specialist in Middle East Affairs at the Congressional Research Service, and Amir Fakhravar, Research Fellow of the Institute's Center for Culture and Security, participated in the panel

Also of Note 

Ten Miler 2010 3

Above: IWP runners before the Army Ten Miler

1947 Club_220

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Thursday, November 4
4:40 PM
"Combating organized crime and terrorism in post-conflict societies"

Friday, November 5
6:00 PM
Book Event: Operation Dark Heart

Saturday, November 6
2:00 PM
Third Annual Kosciuszko Chair Lecture


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