Top Secret 180x190DoD senior analyst H.A. Ford to teach intelligence analysis this fall

Dr. H.A. Ford, a senior analyst in the U.S. Department of Defense, will teach IWP's course on Estimative Intelligence Analysis and Epistemology (IWP 652) this fall.

"Dr. Ford is in the advance guard of the next generation of scholar-practitioner authorities in the field of intelligence," says John Lenczowski, IWP founder and president. "Her arrival on the IWP faculty portends the continuing excellence of our school at the cutting edge of intelligence studies."

Dr. Ford is looking forward to translating her real-world experience to the classroom.

"My goal for this course is to give students an understanding of the key elements, challenges, and cognitive issues of estimative intelligence analysis," she comments. "To do this, we'll rely heavily on authentic materials such as declassified US intelligence products, as well as specialized secondary materials. As we progress through the course, we'll examine a variety of issues that can affect the accuracy, timeliness, quality, and relevance of intelligence information and analysis, particularly as it relates to statecraft, national security strategy, weapons development, and military planning and operations." Read more  

David GlancyDavid Glancy to take expanded faculty role at IWP

This fall, Dr. David A. Glancy will join the IWP faculty as a full-time professor. In addition to teaching a new course on "Forecasting and Political Risk Analysis," he will teach "Political Warfare: Past, Present and Future," and "Foreign Propaganda, Perceptions and Policy."

In the announcement of his appointment, IWP founder and president John Lenczowski said: "David is an outstanding strategic thinker who has greater experience in the theory and modern practice of strategic communications than almost anyone in government today. He integrates this expertise with his knowledge of international conflicts, alliances, homeland security, and international economics. He is a model scholar-practitioner of the kind IWP aspires to enlist to our faculty." Read more  

IWP to launch new student information system

After a thorough search for a new cost effective system to manage academic and administrative data, IWP has partnered with EMPOWER Student Information System for a fully integrated solution. In addition to campus-wide data integration, EMPOWER promises to provide the tools necessary effectively to manage admissions, records, financial aid, and much more.

Registrar Hasanna Benson-Tyus comments, "I am very excited about EMPOWER. One of the distinct advantages of the new system is being able to access more data, more easily. We chose EMPOWER to manage our student data because it met or exceeded all of our requirements at an affordable price."

The new EMPOWER student information system platform will go live and be available for student and faculty use by mid-September 2013. Read more

Faculty and Research Fellows

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Also of Note

IWP mourns the passing of Judge William P. Clark: Message from IWP Chairman Owen Smith

Wall Street Journal: William Clark, Freedom Fighter - A eulogy by John Lenczowski 

Please note: The views expressed by IWP faculty, fellows, students, and alumni do not necessarily reflect those of The Institute of World Politics. 

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