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IWP announces Executive MA in National Security & Professional MA in Strategic and International Studies

The Institute of World Politics has launched two new Master of Arts programs: an Executive Master of Arts in National Security Affairs and a Master of Arts in Strategic and International Studies (Professional).

These programs, which are tailored towards mid-career professionals, take into account prior experience in the public sector, while offering specialized courses to hone existing skills and knowledge sets.

"We have endeavored to capture the most essential elements of our full two-year program in each of these programs," says IWP Founder and President John Lenczowski.  Read more

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New certificates in Conflict Prevention and Corporate Statecraft to be offered at IWP

The Institute is pleased to announce two new Certificates of Graduate Study: a Certificate in Conflict Prevention and a Certificate in Corporate Statecraft.

The Certificate in Conflict Prevention examines various methods of detecting, preventing, and mitigating various types of international, inter-tribal, and other civil conflicts which may have international sources and implications.

The Corporate Statecraft certificate provides an introduction to the political challenges corporations face abroad. This program will be useful for corporate executives who are involved in international business or who are involved in the national security business, as well as government executives who must interact with corporations in contracting work and public-private partnerships to achieve national policy goals. Read more

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New Strategic Fellows Program to be offered this summer

The Institute of World Politics is pleased to offer the Strategic Fellows Program, a competitive 21-day broadening opportunity for company grade officers and senior NCOs. The program will provide a guided introduction to development of national security policy at the strategic and federal level. Read more

Students and Alumni

Team IWP to participate in CSIS-U.S. Army War College International Strategic Crisis Negotiation Exercise

The Betrayal of Europe, by Ben Fricke, '13

YouTube Logo VIDEO: President of AFIO Gene Poteat discusses American intelligence at IWP 

YouTube Logo VIDEO: Dr. Vahan Dilanyan and Vilen Khlgatyan discuss Non-Kinetic Warfare in the Nagorno Karabakh Conflict

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Alumna Spotlight: Meet Andrea Kiser, Human Rights Advocate

"What started as an undergraduate class on international relations slowly developed into a personal call to action. I knew and believed in the values that make the United States distinct -- and it perplexed me to find that all nations do not to operate under a similar rule of law, but instead many are ruled by violence. Aside from outright war, I noticed the prevalence of manipulation in leadership, the abuse of power, and the purposeful exploitation of enemies. Standing in stark opposition to the truths I believed about the dignity of human life and the inherent value of peace, these themes led me to study counterintelligence as a means of fighting injustice in the world."
- Andrea Kiser  (Read more)

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Scholarships help students succeed at IWP and beyond

"Having any scholarship helps students relieve some of the burden of attending an institution of higher learning," comments S.M., a candidate for IWP's M.A. in Statecraft and National Security Affairs with a specialization in Intelligence.

"At IWP, a scholarship takes on a whole new meaning. With the tight-knit community of students and faculty, an array of exciting and interesting classes, and the knowledge that each scholarship recipient has been granted a special and limited opportunity, having an IWP scholarship is really quite an honor. This creates a fantastic opportunity to excel at IWP, to relieve some of the stress of paying for classes, and maybe -- for the truly adventurous -- to add a few extra classes taught by some exceptional professors." Read more

Faculty and Fellows

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Dr. Matthew Daniels to teach new course on Human Rights and Counter-Radicalization

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YouTube Logo Professors Gorka and Chodakiewicz advise on Ukraine

YouTube Logo Ukraine: Code Orange, with Prof. Marek Chodakiewicz

YouTube Logo General Walter Jajko introduces a screening of Charlie Wilson's War

Acting on Ukraine, by John Lenczowski

Prof. Marek Chodakiewicz on "Minority rights" and post-Soviet imperialism

Cold warrior Prof. Norman Bailey comments on Crimea

US retreating in its own backyard, by Prof. Norman Bailey

Research Fellow Amir Fakhravar speaks at Fuel For Truth Boot Camp

Active and reserve forces are all on the same Army team, says Prof. James Carafano

Why the Yanukovych regime fell? Dr. Chodakiewicz comments

Russia holds the aces, by Prof. Norman Bailey

OK, so now what? Three ways to staunch Russian Expansion Post-Crimea, by Prof. Sebastian Gorka

Putin's Failure in Crimea, by Prof. Paul Goble

Prof. Harmon discusses his book on terrorism and counterterrorism at the Heritage Foundation

Gen. Walter Jajko: Arm Ukraine

Prof. Carafano: Ukraine crisis will make Iran's mullahs more interested in nuclear weapons

Miami Herald quotes Prof. Tania Mastrapa on stolen Cuban artwork

Willful blindness about Chinese aggressive moves, by John Lenczowski

Around Campus

Michael J. Sulick discusses his new book

YouTube Logo VIDEO: Michael J. Sulick discusses his new book American Spies

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YouTube Logo Dr. Timothy White discusses Lessons from the Northern Ireland Peace Process

Also of Note

IWP tuition to remain the same for 2014-15

Director Derrick Dortch interviews Linda Rix on improving the federal workforce 

Derrick Dortch hosts Stratfor experts to discuss the crisis in Ukraine, the Mexican drug war, and Benghazi

Marlatt Mansion

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Upcoming Events

Book Lecture: Twilight of Abundance: Why Life in the 21st Century will be Nasty, Brutish, and Short
Thursday, April 3

Digital Soft Power and the War on Extremism
Friday, April 4

Poland's Smolensk Crash: Four Years Later
Tuesday, April 8

The OIC and International Human Rights Law: Conflicting or Cooperative Goals?
Friday, April 11

Kosciuszko Chair Spring Symposium
Saturday, April 12

Book Lecture: Treasury's War: The Unleashing of a New Era of Financial Warfare
Tuesday, April 22

New programs

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Learn more about our new Executive Master of Arts in National Security Affairs

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Learn more about our new Master of Arts in Strategic and International Studies (Professional)

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Learn more about our new Certificate in Conflict Prevention

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Learn more about our new Certificate in Corporate Statecraft 

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Learn more about Frontiers: Program in American Strategy and Statecraft

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Learn more about our new Strategic Fellows Program

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