Student Ambassadors Fall 2013 (1)

Student Ambassadors announced for the 2013-14 school year

The Institute is pleased to announce its Student Ambassadors for the 2013-14 school year. These students, who serve as special representatives of the school to guests, supporters, and prospective students, are chosen through an application and interview process. Read more

Networking Partner Program 444x718

Alumni Networking Partner Program launched at the Institute

IWP has a formidable group of alumni who occupy positions throughout the intelligence community, diplomatic corps, public policy arena, and business world. Through a new alumni networking program, students will be able to connect with alumni volunteers for an informational interview, where they can gain insights about a certain profession and ask for career advice. Read more

Cost Per Hour of Instruction, 2013-14

Classroom hours at IWP offer value, rigor, and engagement

Students who choose to pursue graduate studies IWP do so with the goal of becoming integrated strategic thinkers. They seek to learn all the arts of statecraft and how best to coordinate them in the formulation of effective policy. At IWP, students are exposed to one of the most intensive, practical and yet affordable MA programs available in Washington, D.C. on a per hour basis. Read more 

Around campus

Campus 435x719

New classroom opens for use in Bently Hall

As part of the continuing upgrades to the IWP campus, a new classroom is available for use on the second floor of Bently Hall. Starting October 9, classes that were held in the Marlatt Mansion's Map Room, including Terrorism, Cyber Statecraft, and Islam in Contemporary Global Politics, are being held in this classroom. Read more

Mobile 444x718

New emergency notification system launched at IWP 

The new system, Rave Alert, will send emergency notifications to students, faculty, and staff via their IWP emails. Read more 

Students, Faculty, and Staff

Student discusses Israel's 'Third Intifada' Dilemma in article for Breitbart 

Prof. Norman Bailey reviews changes in the global energy economy 

Prof. Henry Sokolski discusses U.S.-Vietnam nuclear deal 

Is the US headed for boom or bust? -Thoughts by Prof. Norman Bailey

IWP professor to co-host conference on the totalitarian art of looting

Gen. Jajko comments on the current geopolitical situation

Director of Career Services Derrick Dortch discusses the job market with Evan Lesser of

Negotiations with Iran could start a war, argues Prof. James Carafano

Professor Anne R. Bradley discusses Christianity and economics at Grove City College

Prof. Tania Mastrapa discusses communist journalists: "Engineers of human souls"

Lectures and Events

Draude 435x719

General Thomas Draude discusses information operations

Dr. Piotr Bajda discusses Slovak Political Elites

The First Battle of the Second World War: Dr. Chodakiewicz delivers the Kosciuszko Chair Military Lecture on the defense of Westerplatte

Luke Bencie 444x718

Luke Bencie discusses counter-espionage for business travelers

Dr. Elizabeth Radziszewski and Dr. Marek Chodakiewicz

Dr. Elizabeth Radziszewski discusses social networks and public support for the EU

IWP Pumpkin 2013

Happy Halloween!

Dr. John Lenczowski

From the President: 
Our defense posture is weak, and not just because of the sequester

IWP Internship

Want to intern at IWP?
The application deadline is December 1.

Upcoming Events

Movie Night: The Baader Meinhof Complex
Friday, November 1

Sixth Annual Kosciuszko Chair Conference
Saturday, November 2

National Security vs. Privacy
Thursday, November 7

What is Al-Shabaab and how to counter it?
Tuesday, November 12

Underestimated: Our Not So Peaceful Nuclear Future
Thursday, November 14

Open House for Prospective Students
Friday, November 15

Skyscrapers, 180x190

Learn more about our course on Corporate Statecraft

Humint, 180x190

Learn more about our course on Human Intelligence

Dice, 180x190

Learn more about our course on Forecasting and Political Risk Analysis

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